vendredi 30 mars 2007

Tv journal 4(Amélie)

I decided to find a job, because I needed cash. I had to pay for my clothes, my gas and my school books. I had an interview with the boss of Fatso Burger. Before my interview, my parents helped me and gave me some advice to be prepared. After my interview, I was hired. I was very happy! My friends weren't hired after their interview at the same restaurant. However, I was bummed to discover that my first night on the job conflicts with a party Donna planed to throw at her house when her parents went out of town. I worked very hard. Donna asked me to do some activities with her, but I was obliged to refuse, because I worked at Fatso Burger. Finally, I decided to leave this job, because I had no time to do my homework. Also, I wanted to spend more time with my friends!

Tv journal 4(Fanny)

In this episode, there’s a strange killer who wants to kill every body who has power like me (Clark). These powers are activated by the meteorite rain that happened few years ago. The strange killer is named Van and he is against all the “freaks” (like he calls people with power) because his father was killed by one of these guys. When he tried to kill Lex, one of my friends, I succeeded to safe Lex’s life by stopping the gun’s bullets with my hand. It’s the way that Van discovered that I’m also one of the Freaks. He discovered the name of people who get power because he tampers a name list. This list was making by my friend Chloe who investigates to know who got power with this meteorite rain, so my name wasn’t on it. Anyway, when Van realizes that I lose my powers when I’m near Kryptonite, he decides to build kryptonite bullets. He almost succeeded to kill me but finally, after 2 tries, I got it and Van was arrested by the police.

vendredi 23 mars 2007

Tv journal 4, Karim Mahrady

To be Clark Kent, to have several specials capacities, in truth, to be invincible. If I would be this fantastic character, I would make a trip around the world while flying in order to help the whole population. I would fly from the banks in order to buy foods and water for poor people. I would use my speed in order to run on water. I would go in the depths of the ocean to see to see what there is really in the content. Also, with my capacities, I would go on other planets in order to know if there is another life. For me, Clark Kent does not use the totality of his capacities because it could make much more than help the life of his friends, it could travel in order to help the whole population…
Having an infinity of power like this man appears excellent to me. I would benefit from it to carry out my dreams, the most extraordinary dreams. I would be rich, with power and each one of my days, I would help the Third World and several other countries.
I have the abilities to help, I will benefit from it to do it. When we have the force to help our next, it is necessary to make all our possible in order to help it.
When we gives, all returns to us…
Finally, being Clark Kent would change the life of our planet…

vendredi 2 mars 2007

Épisode 2 Fanny,Smallville

In the second episode of Smallville, season 3, Clark’s father returns home with his son. Clark, who is now a sweet guy because he doesn’t the stone near from him, try to take back his life. Lana, his ex-girlfriend, is unable to accept the Clark she saw during the last episode: he saw to bad because of the influence of the stone, but she didn’t know. Truly, she knows nothing about the Clark’s life. Anyway, Lana doesn’t want to talk with Clark.

Some guys are looking for Clark because they know his power and they need something he stole when he was bad. They find him, and they use parent’s Clark to convince Clark to give the blood he stole. Like Clark’s father destroys it, Clark have to cut himself to give his blood (yes, it was the Clark’s blood). The man doesn’t know that the blood was to Clark, so when they saw that, he decide to take Clark with him (now, Clark has a big value). Later, he gets out with an explosion.
During this time, Lex is come back from his lost island. He goes to see his father because he thinks it’s this guy who wanted to kill him with a plane crash. His father explains to Lex that it wasn’t him because he doesn’t have a reason to kill him. But in another way, Lex’s wife could have a lot of reason to kill his husband, like to get the money (because Lex has a lot of money). Finally, Lex believes his wife (that’s what we think at this moment) and they go together in plane for a second honeymoon. They discuss about the accident during the travel and Lex accuses his wife to trying to kill him. This wife begins to be so angry and she takes the gun who was in her money-bag and she shout that this time, she will succeed to kill him. Finally, Lex try to take the gun but during the fight, somebody shoots and the driver death

vendredi 23 février 2007

Amélie(70e(Épisode 2))

In the second episode of the TV program, That’ 70s show, it was Eric’s birthday. He was eighteen years old. Eric didn’t want a surprise party for his birthday. Unfortunately, his mother organized a party with Eric’s friends. His mother was not very subtile. The day before his birthday, she didn’t want that Eric open all the closets, because she hided some chips, liquors and nuts. He was sure that his mother wanted to organise a party. For his gifts, he wanted to have a cassette player for the Vista Cruiser, but his parents decided to gave him an eight-track tape player. He didn’t want to have it. His parents knew that he was not interesting to have this eight-track tape player. After, for the night, Eric’s parents left the house. Eric had the house for him and his friends. Kitty, the mother of Eric, was so worried about the unrolling of the party. Finally, the party was nice and, when Eric’s parents arrived, Donna and Eric were getting ready to kiss!! Maybe the kiss will be for a next time!!

vendredi 16 février 2007

Épisode 1, Karim Mahrady

In the episode, there’s Clark, Lana, Chloe, Clark’s father(Jonathan) and mother(Martha), Lex Luthor, his father and Nixon, the journalism.
The episode began when a tornado hit the country of Small Ville and the Kent’s farm.
The vessel of Clark, who flew away of the cellar of Kent, seems to be attracted by the tornado. In the tornado, Lana were in car and wants help. Clark, in the tornado, protects Lana. During this time, Lex decides to help his father.
Jonathan tries to take Nixon’s video recording to Clark, which proves that Clark has super-capacities.
After Clark saved Lana, he takes her to the hospital.
He go to the farms to finds her mother who explains to him what happened with Nixon.
At the hospital, a doctor explains to Lex that his father has problems with his legs and he is a traumatism.
After that, Chloe finds Lana leaving the hospital and Lana said to her that she was very disturbed.
Finally, Jonathan has the Nixon’s video recording and Lex Luthor was happy that his father be sick. Why? We don’t know…
For the last part, Lana passes to the farm to discuss with Clark. She says to him that since the tornado, she realized that he was always there to protect her when something arrived. It makes her understand that she feels that Clark hiding her things…But Clark said to her that he does not have secrecies. Lana does not believe it and declares to him that he cannot eternally hide his secrecies.
The last plan shows us the vessel of Clark in the middle of a cornfield…

vendredi 9 février 2007


I saw the first episode of the third season of Smallville. Clark is Superman when he was a teenager. When the first episode begins, Clark left home since three months and he uses his power to steal money and do a lot of bad things. Clark is now a bad boy and his parents and his girlfriend don’t know where he is. For the moment, the action isn’t in Smallville but usually, it is. I choose this program because I have all the episodes on DVD so I can watch it when I want. This is perfect for me because my schedule is different all weeks. I don’t think I’ll learn something very important in this TV program because it’s an American TV program for teenager. There are no things to learn. I’ll certainly learn a lot of english because they speak well, not the street American english. Anyway, Clark’s parents are very worried about their son, but they can’t do anything because they know Clark’s powers and they think if Clark doesn’t come back it’s just because he doesn’t want to come back. Lana, Clark’s girlfriend, is so sad because she loves Clark but she doesn’t have any news from him since he disappeared. Another guy, Lex, had an accident and he is now lost in an island. He is alone but he is crazy and he thinks he is with a man named Louis and he kills him (in his head). Lex is a friend of Lana and probably of Clark too but I’m not sure. Every body thinks Lex is dead but at the end, a boat stops at the island and people find Lex. Something strange happens at the end too with Clark and his adoptive father. His father tries to find him but he enters in contact with Clark’s biologic father, who is an extraterrestrial I think, and he gives power to the adoptive father who has to use it to make Clark come back. Finally, he finds him and they fight.